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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Story of the First Time Mom

"I read somewhere that a soul chooses its parents amongst fifteen thousand parents. I was overwhelmed when two soul chose us as their parents and we were blessed with a boy and a girl at the completion of one decade of our marriage. I felt it is totally different journey with twin children, specially when one is bubbly baby girl and another is tantrum throwing baby boy. All the time we have to be a multitask-er to cope-up with them.
We named the duo Sara-Siddh, although they came to the world with the difference of one minute and shared the same womb, they are totally different.
I get surprised that they have different food habits, different preferences for taste and different taste for everything; but yes the time of demanding different thing is same, can understand. They share special bonding with each other, for everything they want the other one, for playing, for eating, for giggling and off course for fighting. With twins, i feel the work gets double and so is the joy, in that case i concentrate more on joy and keep myself full with energy.
My husband is a businessman and I am a Rangoli artist. I have taken break from my work as i want more time with my kids which feels me completely with bliss and ultimate eternal joy. I have learnt to respect my parents more after my kids. My kids are my teachers too, they have taught me how to hold passions, how to work between crying and yelling, how to rush faster , how to be a mediator without being partial and many more. Believe me I always have had excellent teachers in life.
I value the childhood of my kids , i understand the importance of these precious days so i want to spare my maximum time with them I want to cherish every tiny moment of my little angles."

As told by Mrs. Gopi Shah

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fringe Benefits of becoming Toy Library 'Member'

 We, is Gujarat’s first exclusive online toy library portal offer its unique services in Ahmadabad.  It provides a wide range of branded toys on rent for the age group of newborn to twelve years and delivers them at the doorsteps of its member. The prospective is to make a lot of parents very happy, for one, considering how much harder -- and expensive -- it is to keep a child in good humor and stimulated at this time of inflated prices and busy lifestyle.   The idea is to let children play with the wide range of branded toys at an affordable price.  Assortment of play is important in a child’s life to help build the pathways of the brain, develop social skills and understand problem solving. Interaction, reading people’s moods and understanding our world all comes through play. Mentioned below our few reasons as why toy Library plays important role these days in development.

Raise Awareness of the Importance and the Value of Play
Membership of a toy library may increase a parent’s understanding of the importance of play, of the different types of play and the stages of development at which these types of play are of particular importance. They may learn how to make toys and will find a range of toys that will support their child’s development. Together, parents and children can choose toys that they find enjoyable.

Quality Items for Loan
Toy libraries select their toys based on the quality, robustness and value in terms of the child’s enjoyment and opportunities to learn and develop. Member parents and carers have the opportunity to borrow these high quality items on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The child is exposed to a greater range of toys and the family saves money.

Toy Information Source
Toy Library staff/volunteers can pass their experience and knowledge about toys to members. Parents and carers can use the service as a ‘try before you buy,’ ultimately saving money by purchasing toys they know their child finds enjoyable.

Family Support
Toy Libraries offer a network of support for families. Parents and carers can meet informally, forge friendships and discuss their problems and concerns.

Strengthening Family Functioning
Toy Libraries help to develop confident parents who are motivated to spend time playing with their children.

Community Links
Parenting can be an isolating experience, and toy libraries offer an informal, friendly venue to interact with other parents who are at a similar stage in their lives. They can also be a great way to meet new like-minded people if the family has just moved into a new area.

Strengthening Community
Being involved in a toy library – and committing to the participation required to make the toy library work – can really raise awareness and understanding of the importance of community. Members can gain confidence through carrying out their volunteer duties (such as staffing the library and helping with fundraising events), and can even learn some new skills along the way.

   Caring for Our Environment
The ability to ‘try before you buy’ ensures money is not wasted on toys that your child will never play with. By sharing toys in the toy library community, not so many toys need to be purchased, and ultimately the amount of plastic and other material used to create the toys is reduced. Donating toys that your children have outgrown enabled them to be recycled into the community and reduces the amount of landfill, had they been thrown away.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Effective tips on Time Management for working parents

Time management for parents is very essential and binding. Kids are small and innocent; they just want our time. Our presence makes them happy that we can easily see on their face when we come to home from work or close our laptops. Time management will help us save lot of time and allow to spend quality time our kids. These tips could be appropriate for all the parent who want to attain time management in life. Try to achieve your time management goal by bringing balance and simplicity in your daily lives. Do not follow strict scheduling to achieve time management.

Benefits of giving time to your child
Quality time spend together will create very healthy lovable bond between you and your kid.
Better understanding of his likes and dislikes, when you are more close to your child.
Spending time with your child will be helpful for your child’s holistic development.

Analyse your daily schedule first step for time management
Monitor yourself daily to know where you are spending your time throughout the day. This analysis and its reading you can use to manage your time. These readings will help you understand that you are spending some hours daily on tasks which are not necessary or could be done later on.

Categorize your tasks to achieve time management
Task can be categorize in below three types.
·         Should be done immediately
·         Could be done tomorrow or later in the week
·         Time Consuming and ongoing.
This categorization will help you prioritize your tasks. You will do limited, urgent and important tasks daily and will save some more time.

Learn to prioritize your tasks for time management
We should be able to work on prioritizing tasks. If you have 3-4 tasks coming your way we should be able to identify and prioritize them according to their severity and urgency. For instance, one can always give priority to do drawing with your child instead of checking personal emails.

How to manage your priorities for time management
Often you will feel frustrated when you spend too much time on unimportant activities which makes no sense like arranging house, dusting, Facebook and others  in result of which important things in your life are being neglected. You are the one who could determine the goals and activities that are most important in your life. Take some time to brainstorm and to finalize things which are important and set priority on all things. Things which are on highest priority start working on that. From here onwards you will start to gain control over your time and your life.

Time management make you organized teach your child same
        Plan and complete all your activities on time. Keep all important daily used things in place so                 that when you need them you will not spend time in searching where they are. Keep things reachable like list of important phone numbers, uniform, shoes, class list, rain and cold gear, toys, things for daily school bag, baby gear, snacks, napkins, colouring books, stationery, and stamps. You can use baskets to store these things intact.

Multitasking is part of time management
Multitasking could help you save lot of time. You can use that saved time to spend with your child. You need to identify tasks which you can do along with another task.

Recruit someone for small works to achieve time management
You can save your time which you spend doing small stuff in house. Like sanity, laundry, kitchen                   & dinning, cleaning, grocery. You will save lot of time which you can share it with your child.

       Use Technology
·         You can pay bills on-line when you are working along with your child on his homework.
·         Keep phone on speaker, use earphone, Bluetooth and do your household tasks along with it.
·         Tasks Reminder will help you in time management
·         Buy gifts and other household items from Web sites.
·         You can do research on product online and directly go to store to buy it. This smart way will save lot of      time for you.
·         Grocery shopping usually takes lot of time. To save time make list of items you need to buy. This will not only make shopping quicker, but also ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Time management do Plan your daily schedule
Get up in the morning. Think on the activities which you are going to do on the same day. Plan them, allocate time for each task and execute them on time. Always keep slot for your kids in your daily schedule. Avoid extra workload to reach time management goal
Using above tips you are saving time, by the same time your workload is increasing which result in no added time given to your child. This is not fair with your child. You have chosen these tips to save time for your child not for extra work. You have to be honest and clear why you are saving your time.
Learn to say no whenever and wherever it is appropriate.
Time management generally needs common sense. You should have your priorities at set in good order, you are good to go. 

Have fun. Best of luck. Happy Parenting!!!!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ghar Ghar - Doll Sets, one of the most played & cherished playtime…

     We have grown up with an understanding that boys play with cars and girls love dolls and everything connected with them like kitchen sets, bedroom set, breakfast table etc. We all will agree that dollhouses and like are the most desired and preferred gift  for all the little daughters and sisters & more they are merrier it is.

 Doll sets  kindle children’s curiosity and creativeness helping the introduction of new abilities. It offers a fantastic way to teach kids the fun of responsibility. A mix of bright, fun colours and glitter flakes helps to give this kids' a whimsical appearance, while realistic looks n features help to enhance the play experience. It's a wonderful way to teach your little helper that household work can be fun.. If selected proper quality of  toys it might add the following skills:

All youngsters are born with certain potentials and skills. With toys, you’ll be able to develop these talents even when they’re in a latent condition. Creativeness gives children the chance to check and implement new ideas, options and options that could prove very helpful to his future career. By playing, the kid will become familiar with that things could be accomplished through other ways and for that reason will build up an innovative and innovative thinking style.

 We regularly assign probably the most spectacular accomplishments because of perseverance. Games help children learn that they have to keep trying before the preferred outcome is acquired. If something wrong happens they can try other available choices and the ways to succeed.

Toys help children focus on one activity, disregarding other activities that may draw attention away from them. This can enhance their capability to concentrate.

Social Interaction
When children play they learn how to interact with others. It will likewise improve communication between buddies and the opportunity to make buddies.

The Fulfillment Of The Task & making them confident.
All games develop a feeling of satisfaction when satisfied an activity / requirement.  Many grown ups have great ideas and discover solutions that others might not have considered. It helps in fostering confidence in kids.

Games train children to: consume a intend to develop a task, achieve things in a systematic and logical way, develop new ideas.
Check out our collection of same:

Breakfast table measuring 53 cm breath and 43 cm height with two chairs to sit and toaster. Push the bread into the toaster, push the button downward until your click sound. Automatic countdown starts and the time is up, the bread jumps out of the toaster by itself. 

I love my Kitchen Set 

Its my Home!!

Tea Pot set

Iron Board with Iron

On/off switch, Run in water function. Washing mode & drying mode, two hangers, iron board

 Washer, 2 different Cleaning Spray, and Iron. On/off switch, Run in water function. Washing mode & drying mode, two hangers, iron board

Push the bread into the toaster, push the button downward until your click sound. Automatic countdown starts and the time is up, the bread jumps out of the toaster by itself. 

This brightly-collared 'appliance,' made of sturdy plastic, has on-off lights and sounds, a removable dust cap and vacuum accessories

On/off switch, Run in water function and sound similar to real coffee maker

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Significance of Shape & Sorter Toys in early age

Shape sorter toys  are kids’ much-loved toy and they are the best baby learning toys. Chunky colorful and musical features add the entertainment value while serving the education purpose. For kids, they are not just fun toys but developmental toys as they are testing to play with – the kids figure out how to drop each differently shaped piece of toy into its respective hole, and by trial and error, learn in due course categorize colour and name the different shapes.
Apart from various colour, shapes like circle, square, rectangle. They  are also a range of theme shaped sorter toys like animals, flowers, etc. that encourage kids to implement their decision in fitting the shapes into their correct holes and patterns.
Children start developing hand-eye coordination skills by the time they are nearing their first birthday. Starting at this age, giving them basic sorter toys is a great tool to help them improve and polish their skills.
  • Besides introducing toddlers to various shapes and colours, shape sorter toys help children hone their motor skills. Holding a block in their hand, they make up their mind which hole the block would fit in. If their first attempt fails, the trial and error continues till the mission is completed.
  • These toys also help in improving finger dexterity in children which further helps them with handwriting and using scissors.
  • Shape sorter toys help boost kids’ creative skills and imagination. They try their hand at stacking and sorting the toys in a manner that strikes them. Parents can also boost the creative process by encouraging the kids to stack the toys in different combinations.
  • They also help kids learn categorization, as the kids sort and categorize the different pieces – based on their judgment – in stacks of different sizes, different colours, etc.
  • Sorter toys teach kids the concept of cause and effect. They learn that in order to make the block fit, it has to be placed in the right hole – so putting a piece in its right hole will have the effect of making it fit.
  • The toys also teach the concept of object permanence. When a smaller sized block disappears inside a match larger hole, the kids are perplexed at first, but they eventually learn that the block is not lost, but has just fallen inside the container or is lying below the toy board.
  • Some new designs of shape sorter toys play little tunes or light up when the child fits the shapes correctly. This provides sensory stimulus to them.
  • The bright and vibrant colours make them attractive while their chunky shapes and graspable sizes make them easy to hold.
Shape sorter toys are thus evergreen tools to help your toddler thrive developmentally and make great additions in not just homes but also at play schools and child care centers. And the sense of accomplishment it gives to the kids when they successfully sort the different blocks – that is a delight to watch. An added bonus we say!

Few of the Shape n Sorter that we have to rent and keep your loved one charmed and amused ... Add variety to your child's playtime.......vareity  keeps child stimulated...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Let your child play to foster development

Child Development is important when you are raising your child. As a parent, you feel the need to supply your child with toys to help them learn while they are playing. You may also find that playing with toys along with your child is a good way to foster child development. A lot of this development comes naturally but you can enhance it by giving your child opportunities, attention and time.
The children today are incredibly wise, bright, learn so fast. I am impressed. Compare them with our childhood days, what all did we know at their age, just recall if we were as smart as today’s generation.  If I am not wrong you will observe sharp disparity, you will more joyfully acknowledge this fact and feel proud of your KID.

Things have greatly transformed with fast changing lifestyle and easy access to Most parents today are so informed of the advancements, facilities and ways to optimise resources.  Apart from the available information, the efforts that parents are willing to take are not to be forgotten.
Parents today are ready to spend in toys just as they do in schools, in different activity classes etc. This at times is hefty on the parent’s budgets and taking this into consideration there also are toy libraries culture setting in India too. Whatever be it, a purchase or a library, TOYS are a must for child’s development as they come with multiple learning potential.
Imaginary toys, classic toys, crafts, puzzles, outdoor toys and blocks are all wonderful toys to help your child learn how to think, manipulate and develop muscles, and have fun. Give your child a chance to learn with toys and not only will your child develop normally, they may even surprise you in some areas. Think of how a 3 and 4 year old will ask you a hundred times a day the question “why?” Take that intuitive desire to learn and give them toys that will enhance their development.

As they say Each Toy has its own learning....